13 November 2006

The Gray Man Cometh....

It's been a busy last couple of months, but the next 'Tale from the Long Road' is ready! "The Gray Man" is slated for release on 1 December 2006. Fans of the first book TFLR can get their hard or softcover copies online at Amazon.com. I am really looking forward to getting this next adventure of the 'Bounty Hunter Wolfwalker' into the hands of readers. All the test readers and reviewers agree, this story has more intrigue, sex and down and dirty action than ever! Test readers are already asking about the next book in the series and TGM hasn't been released yet! The real test will be what you the fans and curious will have to say. However, I think you better wear your mouthpiece and strap in tight. You're in for one 'hell of a ride!'


15 August 2006

Coming Soon!

Well kids, the next tale from the long road: THE GRAY MAN is on schedule for release in late September '06. For all of you who thought TFLR was 'kickass', you better put a cast iron skillet in your britches 'cause THE GRAY MAN IS COMING! Our boy Wolfwalker is headed deep into South City's Underworld to find a public official's murderer. Just when he thought it was time to grab some R&R during the upcoming Holydays, WW must face smugglers, slavers and worse to get to the truth! Meantime, those wonderful folks on The Council have big fish to fry and they plan on using our boy as bait! Test readers have given THE GRAY MAN a huge 'thumbs up' for it's edgy, sexy and 'straight whupass' approach to the fantasy / adventure genre. Also, Tales From the Long Road merchandise is in the works for '07, so keep an eye out. For those who haven't read Tales From the Long Road go to: www.dreadedenterprises.com/Long_Road to get your hard or softcover copy. For autographed copies, contact: info@dreadedenterprises.com.


21 June 2006


Sorry for the long silence. The problem with being a Writer/Producer/Director is I actually have to do those other things as well. So, it has been 1 exciting year since the release of Tales From the Long Road. The book has been nominated for some awards, I have been contacted by fans from far and wide, done a book signing here and there and just thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Now that TFLR's first year in existence is complete, I am now focusing on the next tale; The Gray Man. TGM will take you the reader into the streets, homes and lives of the people of South City. It is the time of the 'Holydays Festival' and Elves and Men will celebrate the 700th anniversary of peace and alliance between the two races. Of course our favorite Bounty Hunter Wolfwalker will find little time to celebrate as the festival is threatened by the murder of a high-ranking official. If that weren't bad enough, Wolfwalker must contend with rogue Assahssiin, Smugglers and the worst of South City's Underworld to get to the bottom of this mystery. That is if the legendary 'Spirit of Pursuit' The Gray Man doesn't get there first!

I expect TGM to be released by September '06. For those of you who thought TFLR was 'one hell of a ride', you'd better strap your car seats in extra tight! The Gray Man's going to give you both barrels just below the ribcage! Whoohoo! As if that wasn't enough, I've already started working on book 3 in the series. If you want to know the name of the next book, you'll have to read TGM first.

Just so you know, fans of my film & tv work should keep an eye out for my latest project 'Declaration'. Info will be posted at www.dreadedenterprises.com/Screen in a week or two. Also, the countdown 'til the DVD release of the feature film, 'Appointment with Mr. 'E.' continues. AWME has gotten rave audience reviews and is one heck of a movie too! Expected release is November '06. You can see the AWME movie trailer at: www.dreadedenterprises.com/Screen.

That's the long and short of things. Thanks for everything. It's been a great year!

02 April 2006


As promised this is the cover for the new book in the TFLR series. We are looking to release the book in August or September. My wee team (editor and test readers) is pretty excited about the upcoming release. However, I am too busy getting everything ready to notice. Once this new baby is flung out into the world I'll consider dancing a jig. Anyway, hope you enjoy this first look.

31 March 2006

Marches On....

Well, March was a good month. "Tales From the Long Road" was recognized with an Honorable Mention at the 2006 Darrel Awards. I won a bet with my publicist (she said I would get 1st runner-up.) I figured as a first-time novelist my humble work would at least 'show' when up against more established and well known writers. TFLR is up for some other awards, so we'll see what those verdicts will be. I just want to thank the Darrell Awards Jury and congratulate the winner as well as my fellow finalists. However, be advised; "The Gray Man" is finished and scheduled for release this summer. I'll be back next year so you better bring your 'A-Game' 'cause I'm bringing mine....

Oh, and FYI: I already have plans secured for producing the Audio Book version of TFLR. So thanks, but no thanks to all of you who have been inquiring about producing an AB for me. Save yourselves some time and look on www.dreadedenterprises.com which happens to be my production company. Believe me, most of the services you eager beavers are trying to pitch we already have covered.

Last but not least, as I mentioned, 'The Gray Man' cover will be posted both here and on the Coming Attractions page at dreadedenterprises.com this weekend. So keep an eye out, our boy Wolfwalker is back and ready to 'put foot to ass' for the highest bidder!


18 February 2006

Praise from up north....

Got a POTB (that's pat on the back) from across the border on ye old Blogg. Thanks. I'd say it in French but it's been so long since I've spoken it instead of 'Thanks for the praise,' it might sound like, 'Thanks for blowing my shoe.' Not wanting to start an international incident (as if we don't have enough) I'll stick to 'Merican' for the time being. B.L. if you get a chance to read the book, hit me with your thoughts. And to anyone else reading, you can get your copy of 'Tales From the Long Road' via Booksurge.com and Amazon.com as well as Amazon's online affliate book dealers. For more info about the book go to: www.dreadedenterprises.com/Long_Road

Praise from abroad....

Benoit Lapierre said:

your blog is very interesting
keep on going , you do great job.

16/2/06 19:45

16 February 2006

Kick Ass huh....

So far the general consensus has been TFLR is meeting my expectations. I'm glad to read that the book is being received enthusiastically and that readers are reacting to the story the same way I did. Well, thanks to 'N' and everyone else who wrote reviews on Amazon and Booksurge's websites. So far, everyone who has read the book says it needs to be made into a movie. Right now all I can say is 'I'm with you on that and I'm workin' on it!'

In the meantime, I just wanted to announce that TFLR has been nominated for a 'Darrell Award' for best Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure novel in 2006. When I got word of the nomination (which my people kept hidden but forgot I have to read the incoming e-mails) I thought that was cool. Winning would be even cooler, but the knowing of my work not existing in a vacuum is what really pleases me. My crew and I are keeping our fingers crossed.

Last, for those of you waiting for the next 'installment' of TFLR I am pleased to say that 'The Gray Man' is done and pending final artwork, is slated for release in the Fall of '06. I can safely promise that our boy Wolfwalker will have to go farther, faster and hit harder to complete his next assignment! However, he's got serious competition because the 'Spirit of Pursuit' better known as The Gray Man is working to beat him to the punch! My test readers, editors and people I have submitted previews to all say The Gray Man is better than TFLR! We'll all see come fall! I'll keep you all posted. Thanks and keep reading!

Kick Ass Book!

This review was lifted from Amazon.com:

N. Bihsnez said:

Dude tales from the long road kicked ass! I borrowed my friends copy to read on the plane and once I started reading it I couldn't put it down! Dude the whole time I'm reading it I'm there! I can see and hear everything that's going on. The fight scenes were *%$@%! brutal! The whole time I'm thinking how the hell is this Wolf Walker going to pull the ambassador out of this mess? The monsters in the Demon's Spine were no joke! There was even some pretty hot sex in it too! Sure would have liked to see some of that in Lord Of The Rings! I think H. Wolfgng Porter has a hit and I'm waiting for the next book. I will actually buy that one! I agree with the other reviewer thay need to make a movie out of this!

25 January 2006

A potential award winner?

Mike Kingsley said...

Looks like your book meets the eligiity requirements for the Darrell award given out at Midsouthcon in Memphis, TN. See http://darrellawards.org

Deadline for someone to nominate it is Feb. 1, 2006 ... approaching fast

25/1/06 20:27

19 January 2006

You don't have to be a 'Blogger' to comment....

Greetings all,
I just got word that some of you are having trouble leaving your comments on the TFLR blog. No worries. When you click on the 'comments' link, you are given three options: Blogger, Other and Annonymous. If you don't have a blog of your own and would like to leave a comment, just click 'Other' or 'Annonymous'. The fields for your website and e-mail in Other are optional. If you don't want to fill them out, don't. In annonymous, there are no fields to fill out. However, if you don't use your name or an e-mail psuedonym, please leave some sort of 'identifyer' for yourself so I won't have to resort to 'hey you'.



09 January 2006

Gripping indeed....

Thanks for the nod Hissy. As far as your getting to read the next Tale From the Long Road, "The Gray Man" should be released in Summer/Fall '06. In answer to your inquiry of when our favorite Bounty Hunter and friends will grace the silver screen... I have to give my now standard answer, "I'm workin' on it!" So standby. One thing I will say, casting will be verrry intereresting....

A Gripping Thriller....

Hissy said,


8/1/06 09:52

06 January 2006

The New Year' Upon Us....

Happy new year! 2005 was the birth of the book series, Tales From the Long Road and though modest it came in with a bang. Sales of the book have been growing and reviews are steadily coming in. The promotion for TFLR will continue with other pending book signings and merchandise becoming available. However, 2006 will begin the countdown for the release of the second book in the series; The Gray Man. Test readers have given glowing reviews of the new book and say this episode in Wolfwalker Adventures blows the first book away! For me that's good and bad news. Good in that I didn't fall short in my follow up to TFLR, bad in that now I've created a monster and I'll have to go farther/faster with the third book! As someone aptly (and bluntly) put it, "you wanted to write, so write mother@#$%&!"

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the DVD release of my first feature length movie, "Appointment with Mr. 'E.'" this coming fall. It's a supernatural thriller about a guy who bitches about evil one time too many and 'Evil' shows up! To see the movie trailer and read more about APWME, go to: www.dreadedenterprises.com/Screen.

That's all for now. Good luck to us all in aught six!

To purchase your copy of 'Tales From the Long Road' go to: www.amazon.com for paperback, www.booksurge.com for hardcover, paperback and e-book editions.