19 June 2005


Thank you for reading (and hopefully purchasing) "Tales From the Long Road. It was a matter of my shooting my mouth off about writing a book, so I had to do it. The idea of 'The Long Road' had been crawling around in my head a long time. I thought it would be a relief to finally get it out, but all I've done is create a monster! All ready, I am deep into the next book with the story for the one after that scratching at the back of my skull. For those who have wandered into this blog and wondered, 'where can I get this book?' You can currently purchase a copy from www.booksurge.com Only the paperback edition is available now. In early July 05 the hardcover edition will be available. If you want to know more about the book, please go to: http://dreadedenterprises.com/Long_Road