14 November 2013

The Bounty Hunter Wolfwalker's first solo adventure!

The Bounty Hunter Wolfwalker is featured in his first solo adventure in the 'Dark God's Gift' short story anthology!

Somewhere far beyond mortal existence a Dark God forges an unspeakable entity. With no concern for good or evil, the Dark God casts his creation from the void and into the material! Now the multiverse will howl with despair!

The Bounty Hunter Wolfwalker is contracted to find a wealthy Northern Province Lumber Baron's son after he elopes with the niece of a powerful South City Bishop. When the pair of lovers and the merchant caravan they traveled with turns up missing, Wolfwalker tracks them to a notorious bandit infested section of forest near the tri-province border! Wolfwalker will learn all too soon whether the lovers and their travel companion's path leads into the clutches of mere bandits or something far, far worse....

You can currently read the Wolfwalker tale and Science-Fiction Writer Ronald T. Jones' dark Space Opera in the Dark God's Gift volume I online at Blacksciencefictionsociety.com

09 November 2013

Book of Dragon's Teeth now available at Amazon.com!

Just in time for the 'Holyday' season, Book of Dragon's Teeth is now for sale at Amazon.com. It took some doing but after all this time, the conclusion to 'The Gray Man' is ready to be undertaken! Be prepared for the intrigue and peril only hinted at in the previous story will come to the fore. While all the political powers of South City turn every stone looking for the lost journal of a murdered Judge, new enemies hidden amongst the citizenry plan to strike from the shadows imperiling the safety of nearby sister city Riverus!

The Bounty Hunter Wolfwalker will have to call upon old and new allies in order to find the Judge's Journal and combat this new threat. But even with 'back-up' can the most notorious Bounty Hunter bring down an enemy capable of destroying both Riverus and South City? Are there clues within the Journal to uncover this new threat? Can Wolfwalker find the book before the Headhunter Appresian or the 'Spirit of Pursuit' The Gray Man? All will be revealed in the next Tales from the Long Road: BOOK OF DRAGON'S TEETH!

Tales from the Long Road: Book of Dragon's Teeth @ Amazon.com