30 July 2005

Moving Up In the World....


I just got notification that "Tales From the Long Road" is now available on Amazon.com. Just think, this time last year I was slaving away trying to get the final draft of the manuscript done. Sniff... only in America.... Of course the hardcover and E-book are still only available at Booksurge.com. One thing at a time it would seem. Meantime, the new book is well underway so stand by....

For those of you that have wandered in unwittingly, Tales From the Long Road is a Fantasy / Adventure novel for we adults. This blog is for fans or critics of the book. If you haven't read the novel, you can get the softcover from www.amazon.com. For the sofcover, hardcover, E-book or an autographed copy please go to: http://dreadedenterprises.com/Long_Road.

27 July 2005

Available At Last!


As promised (sort of), the hardcover edition of "Tales From the Long Road" is now available online at BookSurge.com. Also, for you E-Book worms the E-B version is also available at BookSurge. You read it here first (whoo-hoo!) Thanks to all of you who have picked up the book so far. More thanks to those of you who have read it and written reviews either here or on the booksurge site! Keep those comments coming in. Most of you have asked, "Do you have plans to make the book into a movie?" Well, hell yeah! The whole time I was writing it, I could see it up on the big screen! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who would like to see our boy Wolfwalker smiting some backside!

For those of you who have wandered in unknowingly, you can find links to where you can get your copy of "Tales From the Long Road" at: http://dreadedenterprises.com/Long_Road.

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16 July 2005

Land On Your Feet....

Thanks DZ1,

I'm glad you got to feel like you were in the 'down and dirty' in the DS. The 'rat things' (Kessel) came from a nightmare I had once. Of course I modified them to make them scarier for the book. As far as keeping you guessing, I personally am too smart for my own good. With that in mind, I hate it when I can pick apart a plot before it gets rolling. So I made all attempts to keep both the characters and the reader in the dark as possible. Thanks for the nod about your desire to see it on the big screen. I'm workin' on that.... I'll keep you advised!

For those who have wandered in by accident, or just want to know more about how you can get a copy of this book go to:

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"Like my mother would say at the most inopportune moment, 'some things are easier said than done.'"

Thrown For a Loop....

DZ1 said...
Dude! I just read your book! It kicked ass! I don't know where to start! That whole thing in the Demon's Spine was sick! Those giant rat things were nasty as hell. Dude, you threw my ass for a loop! Everytime I thought I had the story figured out you threw me another hook. Man, I hope you get to make this thing into a movie. I can't wait to see those wicked fight scenes you wrote! You rock! When's the next book comming out?
16/7/05 00:39