13 June 2010

The Sleeper Awakens!

Well it has been nearly a four-year slumber since my last post! Suffice it to say that a lot of personal trials and successes have happened during that time. During that time I was working pretty hard in my other 'life' as a Producer-Director and made some movies and been developing a TV series. But always in the back of the old 'noggin' was the World of Uurth and your fav' Bounty Hunter Wolfwalker!

I'm happy to announce that the looooong overdue sequel to 'THE GRAY MAN' is nearly complete and starin' down the barrel of a late 2010 early 2011 release date. For you fans I'll say that the unseen forces working to shatter South City's 700 years of peace will show their hand in a big way! Yet with Wolfwalker and the Gray Man hot on their trail there still may be a chance to stop them before they unleash only 'the God's know what' upon the unsuspecting populace!

Sorry to have kept you all waiting, but it will definitely have been worth it. I'll keep you posted. May your Tales from the Long Road be filled with adventure!