15 August 2006

Coming Soon!

Well kids, the next tale from the long road: THE GRAY MAN is on schedule for release in late September '06. For all of you who thought TFLR was 'kickass', you better put a cast iron skillet in your britches 'cause THE GRAY MAN IS COMING! Our boy Wolfwalker is headed deep into South City's Underworld to find a public official's murderer. Just when he thought it was time to grab some R&R during the upcoming Holydays, WW must face smugglers, slavers and worse to get to the truth! Meantime, those wonderful folks on The Council have big fish to fry and they plan on using our boy as bait! Test readers have given THE GRAY MAN a huge 'thumbs up' for it's edgy, sexy and 'straight whupass' approach to the fantasy / adventure genre. Also, Tales From the Long Road merchandise is in the works for '07, so keep an eye out. For those who haven't read Tales From the Long Road go to: www.dreadedenterprises.com/Long_Road to get your hard or softcover copy. For autographed copies, contact: info@dreadedenterprises.com.


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