18 January 2011



Sorry about the 'Radio Silence', but I've been busy writing 'A Book of Dragon's Teeth' the loooong awaited sequel to 'The Gray Man'. Well I can say the hard part is over and the initial draft was completed in December 2010! Now it's in the hands of my Test Readers and I'm getting ready to 'turn 'n burn' on the cover and additional artwork that will be included. So for those of you who've patiently waited all this time, the wait is almost over! Fall 2011 is the projected time of release. However, I'll be putting up a preview of the cover and a sample within the next couple of months. So hold on just a little bit longer!

Thanks for all your enthusiasm for the World of Uurth and get ready because Wolfwalker, Cloud Dancer and the Gray Man will be back!

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