16 February 2006

Kick Ass Book!

This review was lifted from Amazon.com:

N. Bihsnez said:

Dude tales from the long road kicked ass! I borrowed my friends copy to read on the plane and once I started reading it I couldn't put it down! Dude the whole time I'm reading it I'm there! I can see and hear everything that's going on. The fight scenes were *%$@%! brutal! The whole time I'm thinking how the hell is this Wolf Walker going to pull the ambassador out of this mess? The monsters in the Demon's Spine were no joke! There was even some pretty hot sex in it too! Sure would have liked to see some of that in Lord Of The Rings! I think H. Wolfgng Porter has a hit and I'm waiting for the next book. I will actually buy that one! I agree with the other reviewer thay need to make a movie out of this!

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