16 February 2006

Kick Ass huh....

So far the general consensus has been TFLR is meeting my expectations. I'm glad to read that the book is being received enthusiastically and that readers are reacting to the story the same way I did. Well, thanks to 'N' and everyone else who wrote reviews on Amazon and Booksurge's websites. So far, everyone who has read the book says it needs to be made into a movie. Right now all I can say is 'I'm with you on that and I'm workin' on it!'

In the meantime, I just wanted to announce that TFLR has been nominated for a 'Darrell Award' for best Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure novel in 2006. When I got word of the nomination (which my people kept hidden but forgot I have to read the incoming e-mails) I thought that was cool. Winning would be even cooler, but the knowing of my work not existing in a vacuum is what really pleases me. My crew and I are keeping our fingers crossed.

Last, for those of you waiting for the next 'installment' of TFLR I am pleased to say that 'The Gray Man' is done and pending final artwork, is slated for release in the Fall of '06. I can safely promise that our boy Wolfwalker will have to go farther, faster and hit harder to complete his next assignment! However, he's got serious competition because the 'Spirit of Pursuit' better known as The Gray Man is working to beat him to the punch! My test readers, editors and people I have submitted previews to all say The Gray Man is better than TFLR! We'll all see come fall! I'll keep you all posted. Thanks and keep reading!

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